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Dairy Free Meals

There are many different dairy free meals out there. There are many popular choices, including Chef’s Choice, Sunbasket, and Eat the 80. Read on to learn more about each one. You can also read about the Dairy Free Meal Plan, and Go Dairy Free Meal. Below are some suggestions. Getting Started

Eat the 80

To order the Eat the 80 % dairy free meal, you must have a valid email address. You should not include any other information such as telephone number or street address. The Eat the 80 will not accept returns unless the package has been damaged during shipping. If this happens, the company will issue a credit for future orders. However, it is important to note that Eat the 80 has no control over shipping after it leaves the company’s facilities.

If you are not familiar with the concept of an online meal delivery service, Eat The 80 provides a variety of healthy and delicious meals that you can prepare and reheat in less than five minutes. All their meals are fresh and made with organic ingredients, and they are delivered to your door. The company offers fast and reliable delivery. Customers can rest assured that the food they get is healthy and organic. They also get a guarantee for their food, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Factor Meals

Factor Meals are available for both high-protein and low-carb dieters. These meals can be prepared at home and contain low-carb ingredients. They are also gluten, soy, and preservative-free. Factor meals are not produced in a gluten-free facility, but they are allergen-friendly. In addition, each ingredient in the meal is labeled. This ensures that the consumer is aware of the exact contents of their meal.

Each meal is 350 to 900 calories. All menu items are clearly labeled to indicate their nutritional value and calorie content. You can also sign up for a full month or three-month dietitian consultation for more personalized guidance. Customers tend to give the meals high marks for flavor, regardless of the nutritional information. Some meals even include higher-end protein choices, such as salmon, shrimp, Italian sausage, and chorizo.

Go Dairy Free

For more recipes, check out the Go Dairy Free meal plan. You can even make your own. The book includes a list of shelf-stable ingredients for a dairy-free pantry. Many of the recipes also can be adapted to suit special dietary needs. The meal plan serves four people, but you can double or halve the quantities to feed a larger household. Alternatively, you can print out the entire plan and jot down the ingredients as you go.

When eating out, be sure to choose dairy-free alternatives to traditional dairy products. Goat’s milk, for example, is lower in lactose and casein than cow’s milk, and may be less irritating to some people. Coconut milk and rice milk can also be substituted for traditional milk. Another dairy-free option is ghee, which is clarified butter that has been removed from the milk solids.


Dairy-free people may want to consider Sunbasket’s Meal Plans. The company provides both single-serving meals and meal kits for ten different diets. Meal plans can be ordered for two, four, or five meals per week. They include single-serving dishes that can be heated in just a few minutes. The meals are formulated to satisfy your specific dietary requirements. They are available in both pre-made and fresh-and-ready versions, and each meal is approved by a registered dietitian.

When choosing a meal plan, Sunbasket pays particular attention to sustainability. The company works with trusted ranchers and family farms in the U.S. to source produce that is both hormone-free and antibiotic-free. It also sources regional seafood from all over the country. And because Sunbasket is also certified by the American Heart Association, you can rest assured that you are buying food that is free of trans fats, GMOs, and other unhealthy additives.

Real Plans

A great resource for anyone looking for a way to plan and make delicious meals for their family is Real Plans. This online meal planning program allows you to create custom menus that fit your family’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Real Plans is also incredibly customizable, so you can include or exclude ingredients that you don’t want to eat or don’t have in the house. You can even import your own recipes to make meal planning a breeze.

The app allows you to create a menu from over 750 recipes. There are even dairy-free versions of your favorite foods. You can choose from three to six meals each week. The app also identifies which recipes are dairy-free so you know exactly what to buy and prepare. It also allows you to easily share recipes with family members and friends. Once you’ve saved your meal plans, you can start preparing them.



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