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Health Benefits of Skating

There are many benefits of skating for your health. In addition to exercising, skating provides many other benefits, such as improved coordination, weight loss, and decreased risk of urinary leakage. In this article, you’ll learn more about the health benefits of skating. It’s an excellent activity for anyone, no matter what age or fitness level you are at. And there are plenty more to discover. If you’ve been putting off starting a skateboarding routine, now is the time to do it.


Besides being fun, skating is also a great form of exercise, lowering your body fat and increasing stamina. Skating involves synchronized leg movements, which increase joint flexibility. It also improves core strength and builds leg and abdominal muscles. In addition, skating boosts your cardiovascular system, as the activity gets your heart rate up and blood flowing. Here are the health benefits of skating for men and women. And it doesn’t cost a fortune either!

Weight loss

While there are many health benefits of inline skating, it doesn’t burn enough calories to help you lose weight. Fat loss requires a combination of frequent aerobic exercise and a reduction in calories consumed. Approximately three hundred minutes of aerobic exercise a week is needed to lose one pound of fat. Each pound of fat equals approximately 3,500 calories, so a pound of fat will require about 1,500 calories per day to lose weight. The extra calories burned by skating will add up over time.

Improved coordination

The many health benefits of skating go beyond fitness. The sport improves coordination and balance, two skills that are necessary to perform many other activities. Skating also burns between 150 and 500 calories per hour. This activity can also help you develop other skills in other sports, such as figure skating and golf. As you get used to skating, you can expect to see some of these health benefits. Try skating for at least an hour every day and see the difference.

Reduced risk of urinary leaks

A study involving 107, 87, and 74 nulliparous rhythmic gymnasts suggests a reduced risk of urinary leaks when skating. The study included 74 participants who reported UA, urgency, or mixed urinary incontinence. A total of 4 (11.8%) of participants experienced urinary leaks during the study. Overall, there were fewer cases of UA than UI, with no reports of recurrences.

Increased heart rate

A recent study in the Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that increased heart rate during hockey is not unusual, if not common. Players are exposed to high physical exertion when skating, but they also recover with a rest period that involves skating up to the same level of intensity as during a game. Increased heart rate during hockey could be due to two factors. First, athletes may be less aware of the potential risks of increased heart rate when skating. Second, participants may be prone to sprains or strains, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Reduced impact on joints

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have found that skating causes fewer shocks to the body’s joints than running. In fact, a study found that in-line skating reduces impact shock by more than 50% compared to running. As a result, skating can be a healthy aerobic activity and can help people with joint injuries. In addition to being safe, skating offers many other benefits, including increased stamina, improved balance, and reduced risk of injury.

Increased endorphins

The good news is that the exercise involved in skating also promotes endorphin release, making it more beneficial to your overall health. It can also improve your focus and endurance for day-to-day activities. Increased endorphins also help to improve your mood and focus. So, the next time you’re skating or ice skating, make sure you try incorporating a little extra exercise into your daily life.



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