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How to Inspect a Drain With a CMMS System


A video inspection of your drain can identify blockages in the pipes. Sometimes blockages at the drain level are hard to locate. If your drain is running slowly, there could be a blockage further down. Tree roots can grow deep in pipes, and debris can get stuck at sharp turns or junctions. With a video inspection, you can see exactly what’s wrong before you spend a lot of money fixing it. Video inspection of drains is an effective way to avoid costly repairs and restore your plumbing system.

Earlier, plumbers could only see the inside of your drain. To diagnose a clogged sewer line, plumbers would have to dig up the yard. While this method is quicker and safer, it is also more disruptive and can cause damage to your property. Video inspections are now available from a Denver plumber. Video inspections are a great way to get an idea of the problem in your drain without having to dig up your lawn.


One way to inspect the contents of a drain is to listen to it. If it gurgles, it may be due to sanitary waste. Incorrect dumping of sanitary waste may result in fines under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Raw sewage also indicates a problem with the drainage system. Determining the cause of a sewage backup can be a frustrating process. But if you hear gurgling sounds in your drain, it may be time to contact a plumber.


A sewer camera inspection is an excellent way to find out what’s causing a drain to clog. The camera can go as far as 100 feet and the plumber will choose the most appropriate drain. The average cost for this service is $575. Some plumbers charge a flat rate for the inspection, while others charge on a case-by-case basis. Once he has determined the cause of the problem, he will charge you accordingly.

For a video inspection of your sewer line, the average cost of an inspection is $295. The lower cost inspections often use outdated equipment and require you to purchase a more expensive service to make a full inspection. While many plumbers charge by the hour, you may find yourself paying a flat fee for a one-hour video inspection. The learning curve can cut into your rental time, so you should hire a plumber who offers a free walk-through before the inspection.


Regular drainage inspections will minimise the risk of costly repairs, downtimes and delays. Using mobile devices to perform inspections is a great way to capture data in real time and assign corrective actions. But sometimes, drainage inspections go unnoticed, resulting in bigger issues later. This is where CMMS systems come in handy. CMMS systems will help you keep track of scheduled inspections and identify safety risks before they occur.

Video pipe inspection is an excellent method to pinpoint blockages and collapses in pipes. The cameras used to perform drain inspections are more accurate than traditional methods, enabling plumbers to detect damage and develop a preventative maintenance plan. These devices also prevent the need for costly excavations and repairs. Using a video inspection camera saves homeowners from the hassle of having to dig up their yard to get to the bottom of the problem.



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