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The Big Names Returning to the Mission Impossible Franchise

The sixth and seventh Mission Impossible films will feature Tom Cruise as the man behind the mask, and the actor is no longer a kid. The Mission: Impossible films are not an early retirement option for Cruise – they are the series’ Hail Mary – after a PR summer that threatened to derail his career. The films are a success on the box office and are a great way to kick-start Cruise’s career after a rough PR summer.

Tom Cruise

Fans of action movies will find Ethan Matthew Hunt to be a familiar face. Tom Cruise plays the role of the character in the Mission: Impossible film series. Ethan is a fictional character, but has been a popular movie hero for nearly two decades. The movie was a smash hit, with over six hundred million viewers worldwide. Read on to learn more about this film hero and what makes him so great!

J.J. Abrams

As producer of the mission-impossible series, J.J. Abrams is a familiar face to fans of the franchise. Known for his successful reboots of the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, Abrams is no stranger to remakes. In fact, he even has a history of reimagining other franchises. He most recently co-directed the critically-acclaimed “Lisey’s Story,” which stars Julianne Moore.

David Fincher

Another big name is returning to the Mission Impossible franchise: David Fincher. The director has been in touch with Paramount executives to helm the third installment of the action-adventure franchise. It is expected to be released sometime in summer 2004. Cruise is said to have urged the studio to hire Fincher to direct the film, which will feature Tom Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt.

J.J. Abrams’ Mission: Impossible movie

The latest installment of the successful action series takes things to a darker side, with a villain played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. The original trilogy spanned three movies and starred Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig, and Rebecca Ferguson. Director J.J. Abrams has brought a darker tone to the series, with Ghost Protocol marking the end of the original trilogy.

Film’s niche appeal

Films that cater to niche audiences have a higher chance of finding an audience. A popular service like Netflix may suggest niche films based on a consumer’s taste, but the internet also connects individuals to underrepresented subcultures. Fans of niche genres will find it easier to find similar works than mainstream viewers. Using this method, filmmakers can strengthen their films’ niche appeal. Here are five tips for filmmakers to increase their films’ niche appeal.

Similarities to Zero Dark Thirty

Two highly regarded films, “Mission Impossible” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” have a number of similarities. Both films tell the story of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, but they’re quite different. Mission Impossible is an action-packed adventure about CIA agents pursuing the terrorist’s leader, and Zero Dark Thirty is a human-interest thriller about the CIA’s mission to bring him to justice.

Future of the franchise

The future of the Mission: Impossible franchise is up in the air. Although Tom Cruise has announced his retirement from the series, two more films are in the works. It’s hard to predict how many more films will be made, but the next movie could be the last. It could end up with a reboot starring a new director or star. Either way, the next movie will be an incredibly exciting adventure, and fans can’t wait to see it.



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