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What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure that targets fat deposits on specific areas of the body. It is FDA approved for 9 areas of the body and is fast and painless. There is no downtime and there are no risks associated with this procedure. It is an ideal solution for people who want to lose fat, but don’t want to undergo surgery.

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved for 9 areas of the body

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that uses targeted cooling to eliminate fat cells. It can reduce stubborn fat deposits by 25% or more with little or no downtime. In addition, CoolSculpting is safe and does not damage surrounding tissues. Patients who are looking to reduce their waistline can have the procedure on their tummy, thighs, and chest.

CoolSculpting was approved by the FDA for treatment of love handles in 2010. Over the years, CoolSculpting has been approved for 7 additional areas based on the results of clinical studies. CoolSculpting is now FDA-approved for 9 areas of the body, including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, back, and bra fat. It is also available in a smaller, less-invasive treatment called CoolMini.

It is fast

CoolSculpting is a quick, effective procedure that can help you lose unwanted fat. It takes only thirty to sixty minutes and requires no downtime after your appointment. Because it is nonsurgical, you can go straight back to work or take your lunch break. Some treatments can even be done in less than an hour.

The procedure works by freezing the fat cells in the areas you want to target. The freezing process kills the fat cells, so they cannot be grown back and will be naturally eliminated by your body. Once they are dead, your body will process the fat cells and store them in other areas. CoolSculpting is fast, painless, and quick, so you can have the procedure done while you are relaxing or reading.

CoolSculpting is different from liposuction, which is a more invasive procedure. Although liposuction has become less invasive over the years, there are still surgical openings and fat tissues to be removed. There is also a high risk of scarring and infection after a traditional liposuction procedure.

It is painless

Coolsculpting is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, which is ideal for those who wish to reshape their body, without undergoing any downtime or surgery. The procedure is quick and painless, and it offers immediate results. After the procedure, fat cells will die naturally within a few months. Afterwards, you can resume your normal daily activities. However, it is important to note that the results will not last forever, and you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime to keep your results.

The procedure is generally safe and effective, though some patients may have medical conditions that prevent them from having the procedure performed. For example, people with a history of paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cryoglobulinemia, and cold agglutinin disease should not undergo the procedure. Since this procedure involves exposing the body to cold temperatures, there’s a risk of infection or the destruction of red blood cells.

It causes neuropathy

While it is rare to experience neuropathy during CoolSculpting, the procedure does cause some temporary side effects. Symptoms include numbness and pain in the treated area for a few weeks. In some cases, nerve pain can be severe. In such cases, patients can consult their doctor. Fortunately, most of these side effects are short-lived and will go away on their own.

Patients may experience temporary tingling or cramping in the treated areas. This is caused by the nerves returning to normal. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water and avoid wearing tight, binding clothing. They can also choose to apply a cold compress to reduce the pain.

It is a good alternative to more invasive cosmetic procedures

Coolsculpting is a safe alternative to more invasive procedures like liposuction. While liposuction involves surgery, downtime, and anesthesia, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. The procedure is quick and easy, requiring only 40 to 60 minutes per treatment session. Clients can target a single area or multiple areas with the procedure. The results will last between two and six months, depending on the area being treated.

The procedure uses state-of-the-art cooling technology to target fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. The cooling effect causes fat cells to die, and the fat is naturally eliminated from the body. The treatment is safe, because it is performed by a medical professional in a medical office.



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